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Achieving a FedRAMP certification is challenging, but it can be made easy with support and experience.  As an experienced vendor with our turnkey templates and tools, we can help with your infrastructure, for e.g. in creating the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization stages up to and including creation of the FedRAMP compliance authorization package.

We can do this in any of the following scenarios using the MapjectsSmartCompliance tool –
• MapjectsCloudCompliance : enabling infrastructure, utility convenience to Public Sector – shared, secure, flexible, agile, transparent and efficient allocation of AICT when it’s needed, through sharing standardised resources to reduce costs
• Application Store: transitioning to a faster, more cost-effective and more consistent certified solutions to business challenges through reusing and sharing applications and services
• Data Centre Consolidation: delivering a unified Public Sector AICT services from the optimum number of high performing, energy-efficient, cost-effective, secure and standards-based data centres or backoffice operations

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Our process and experts review the checklists for an as-is and to be GAAP check


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Compliance Check – Have a plan, there help!

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Mapjects FedRAMP Compliance – turnkey compliance checking tool, serving the government as oversight and continuous monitoring tool of your CSP’s. The tool makes the FedRAMP process a frictionless experience using the best practises